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This may be my last entry…

Modern medicine: all the right moves, none of the funky costumes

Eat ye the bark of two willows and call me in the morrow


This may be my last entry…

I wonder if there were a number of slightly less technologically developed planets that sent their last surviving son to Earth only to find that his Kryptonite was a common Earth element?

“He could have saved the world but sadly his Kryptonite was atmospheric Nitrogen…” – No one, ever.

This may be my last entry…

I’m angry at the whole world – including you. The older I get the more intolerant of idiocy and selfishness I become. I spend a good portion of my day shaking my overwhelmingly frustrated head and pondering things like:

  • If you want to cross the road at this crossing, why haven’t you pressed the bloody button? Are you really too cool for that?
  • Do you really need to walk 4 abreast down this pavement? How can others get past you and your cackling coven?
  • What makes you think it’s ok to put your feet up on the seats of public transport? Can I come round to yours and wipe my dog-shitty feet on your Mum couch?
  • These days we have deodorant!
  • Did you miss the potty training lessons as a child?!
  • Has the invention of headphones just passed you by or do you genuinely think that people won’t get through the day without hearing your shitty music through your shitty phone speakers?

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