Nothing to hear here, here here!

This may be my last entry…

Just over an hour of the day left and nothing to say. That’s really harsh. Essentially that means that I didn’t do or see anything worth mentioning since I woke up this morning. Perhaps I’m just missing stuff?

I think that half the problem is that I have programmed myself to block out the noise. People generally annoy me so I block transmissions on that frequency. I don’t mean it in any sociopathic kind of way, I’m just not interested in the mini soap operas that go on around me. I live in a city, I kind of like the isolation. Maybe I should start hearing that noise again – take the headphones off and let those snippets of conversation peak my interest. It does happen occasionally even with the filter applied. A few weeks ago I was on my daily commute when I heard a couple of guys talking about Iron Maiden. I quite like Maiden so I eavesdropped a little and heard this gem:

Jimi Hendrix wasn’t that good. I’ll tell you who was over-rated… The Beatles… They were mediocre at best… I love Oasis though.

I genuinely had to bite my tongue to avoid howling with laughter – seems to me that he was probably an Iron Maiden fan by accident.

Yeah, there we go, nothing new happened so rely on the past. Good work!


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