When technology goes good

This may be my last entry…

I got a new computer today and so far it hasn’t caused me any issues… Bastard!

I wasn’t at home when it was delivered. I had fully expected it to be returned to some courier depot in another county, country, planet, solar system or galaxy but they had read the note and left it safe and sound in my front porch. They’d even gone as far as taking a photo of it in situ and mailing to me as proof. I grabbed it, warned my wife I would be out of action for some time to come and ran to the computer room to get it set up.

Obviously it wasn’t going to work straight out of the box, there would be tinkering and fiddling and warranty voiding to do before it would even post but no; it beeped and sprang to life prompting me to run the Windows setup. All the drivers installed normally, my wireless connection wasn’t pernickety and (Google meltdown not withstanding) I was up and running in no time.

Has something happened in the last few years? I used to build my own computers so any aberrations were my own fault and an issue to tinker with, fudge and fix. The last time I bought a PC it came from a friend of mine who had done a pretty good job but it still needed tweaking and tampering before it was up to my standard. This one has come pre-built by a company – literally out of the box – and it just worked. In a weird kind of way I resent that, I’m left feeling completely satisfied and a little out of sorts. I literally can’t complain. But I like to complain. I like to tinker and fudge and tweak and all those other fun infuriating things. Give me back my bad technology!!!

Next up… Quality meat in a Doner Kebab

  1. You may as well have spent three times as much and bought a Mac if you wanted it to work out the box…


  2. cthuIu said:

    Exactly, where’s the fun in that?


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