The Eighth Sin

This may be my last entry…

There are, it is held, 7 deadly sins: Wrath, Envy, ummm Greed, Paul, Ringo, Sleepy and I want to say Lust?! But if you had to add another what would it be and why?

For me it’s pretty simple: Talking loudly about your private life in a public space. They have to be one word though don’t they? So I’ll go with Bell-endary. To save your ‘immortal soul’ avoid being a bell-end. Bell-endary isn’t limited to just talking loudly about your private life in a public space, there are far more examples:

The list goes on and on.

Why should this be considered for inclusion with the other sins? Well, frankly it shouldn’t on the grounds that the 7 deadly sins are just biblical hogwash anyway and we should all just try to be nice to one another, tolerant of other people and generally sweet and morally level-headed. Unfortunately the world doesn’t seem to be like that so I’ll lump it in with the 7 other obvious character guidelines in the hope that the God-fearing among us will take note and stop using a series of ancient novels as a marker for how to live in the modern world. I’m more in tune with Bill and Ted’s Lincoln anyway:

Thanks for reading, now stop doing whatever it is you shouldn’t be doing and leave me alone.


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