Bantz Avoidance 101

This may be last entry…

I got some great news today about work but that’s boring as hell so just be happy for me and we’ll move on.

I had fully intended to stay at home tonight and play with my new electronic toys – my mic and camera arrived today – but I ended up going to see my friends Laurence and Sarah and their amazingly cute and active boddler (too old to be a baby but not quite toddling). I really enjoyed myself. It was the usual heady mix of booze, curry, music and YouTube and it was just what I needed.

I really enjoy hanging out with the people I like, we have great conversations, dream big dreams, drink big drinks and live entirely in the moment. I need that in a relationship and I think that’s why I resent ‘others’ so much. They live for the ‘bantz’ (a deplorable reinvention of banter in which ‘ladz’ attempt to out-do each other’s bell-endary), they live for the drunkenness and not the pleasant journey towards drunkenness. They dream small, they drink stupid and they talk crap.

I suppose that was me once, never again (until the next time I find myself on a ladz night out with half a bottle off lager in one hand and a jagerbomb in the other).

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to enjoy the bantz and leave me alone.


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