Saturday night’s alright

This may be my last entry…

Brilliantly I have just found my copy of Snuff Box. If you haven’t seen it you’re massively missing out. There’s nothing better than dining whisky and watching good comedy.

I love Saturdays, it’s the optimum time for drinking and catching up with all the time-eating crap I missed out on during the week. This evening I watched Sin City 2 which, in line with every review of it ever, was excellent but not as good as the original. It made me want to catch up with Robert Rodriguez’s back catalogue. I grabbed my copy of El Mariachi, settled down with a glass of Old Pultney, saw the subtitles and almost immediately gave up.

I don’t mind subtitles but it’s late an more effort than necessary. There is basically no chance at all of playing Temple Run 2 without missing hugely important stuff and that isn’t going to fly this evening.

Thanks for reading, now stop reading and have a great night. Sod off.


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