Turning Scandiwegian (I really think so)

This may be my last entry…

I’ve slowly, almost imperceptibly, become Scandiwegian.  It’s like I’m being assimilated.

I first noticed this when I found myself completely hooked on ‘The Bridge‘ (actually ‘Broen’ or ‘Bron’ depending on whether you prefer the Danish or Swedish language respectively). I’d excitedly watch an episode over a couple of drinks and then go off to either listen to Katatonia or read the latest Jo Nesbo. It doesn’t end there though. There are number of bands/artists that are go-to music for me. The Knife and especially Fever Ray are on pretty heavy rotation:

I have a genuine interest in Scandiwegian culture too. Norse mythology seems elaborate but genuine and I can see why people would want to bring it back. Despite what all the internet-pious commentators may say, the Vikings series does a pretty good job of giving you an idea of what it entails. It’s by no means perfect but it’s a good jumping off point. I would highly recommend Neil Oliver’s excellent Vikings for more detail.

Importantly, ABBA never appealed to me -that was more my Dad’s thing. That’s how they get you though isn’t it? Through your parents –  quietly, insidiously – you know… förrädiskt!

Incidentally, Katatonia’s new album Sanctitude is released everywhere except North America tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the Blu-Ray delivered today and I can confirm, it is truly astonishing how easily and brilliantly they have reinvented their works in an acoustic form. Very impressive work indeed.

Thanks for reading, now käften och sod off!

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