Will it gift?

This may be my last entry…

My birthday is fast approaching and Mrs CthuIu has already bought my present. It is a Good Mythical Morning poster from the Good Mythical Morning store. I know this because when the poster tube turned up in the post I told her and she said ‘You shouldn’t have seen that’. She could have just said ‘Great’ and I would be none-the-wiser but she didn’t. At that point I knew I was getting a poster but then we watched GMM together and, after Link and Rhett had advertised their poster I put two and two together. I didn’t even have to ask – I just looked at her and she looked guilty.

She says that if it wasn’t so funny it would be a pain in the arse – I think that’s a direct quote from Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes.

For those of you that haven’t never seen GMM I highly recommend it. It is the perfect distraction and can be brilliantly funny. You can cut your teeth on the following and then join their 6 million + subscribers

If you have seen it… whatever.

Thanks for reading, now let’s not talk about it.


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