Magic Tea (the drink, not the smoke)

This may be my last entry…

I bought all the Moomin books I don’t have last night from World of Books who had a few of them in a 3 for 2 deal. See, I wasn’t joking – I am only a stones-throw away from wearing interesting jumpers, solving convoluted murders and wistfully moisturising my dinkle.

I have moved to a new office to carry out my day-to-day ServiceNow monkeying and this has engendered a few changes. They are much more Health and Safety conscious at the new place so my collection of teapots has come home with me and been replaced by a Magic II Tea and coffee maker which, while expensive, solves a few problems. It makes a great cup of tea and can be carried around without (much) fear of leakage; it’s clear so you get to see what colour your tea is before you even pour it and it makes a great conversation piece.

Unlike a teapot, the brew is released via the bottom of the filter using an ingenious contraption which will only allow liquid out when the bottom plate is pushed up. This means that it can be safely carried from place to place without any real chance of spillage and them placed directly on to the cup eliminating any spout wrongness.

To be honest I am much more impressed with it than I expected and I can’t begrudge paying the price for a decent bit of kit. Watching it empty into your cup is almost worth the money by itself! It’s a vital expense to me because I drink a LOT of tea and couldn’t get by on the ‘instant piss – just add water’ they provide (yes, I know it’s nice that they provide anything at all) and I can’t drink coffee on medical grounds (I am clinically English).

If you are a loose-leaf person then I thoroughly recommend it.

Thanks for reading now take your beverage and sod off.


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