The loneliness of the long distance boozer

This may be my last entry…

Mrs Grotts, a close friend of ours, has her birthday tomorrow but, in an effort to avoid a clash with Easter Sunday, has celebrated it today. This means that I have been drinking for the last 6 hours and I’m pretty drunk. Then lies the biggest problem: if I stop now I will fall asleep and wake up with a stinking hangover at 5am. Instead, now that the party is over, Mrs CthuIu and I are in a similarly stinking pub and I amwriting my blog with my phone.



The Bull’s Head in Kings Norton can be described as many things but salubrious is not one of them. It reminds me of the watering holes of my youth and that is not a compliment. Here I sit sipping the watery footwash of the poorest brewer and daydreaming about the warm bed that awaits me when I get home. The music , a heady mix of Radio 1 rejects and X Factor winners, cannot sooth this beast.

I will finish my drink and stumble off again in search of the next whisky bar (oh, don’t ask why) and start the process again. Even in loving company the pubcrawl home can be a lonely experience.

Thanks for reading, now sup up and buggeroff!


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