Sunday Blummin’ Sunday

This may be my last entry…

Happy ‘Arrrgghhh Zombie!’ day where the Christian world celebrates – rather than condemns – the rising of the dead with a bank holiday. Be careful though, it seems that ‘Him upstairs’ doesn’t like to be disturbed on days like this!

I’m not a big fan of Sundays. I can’t really get my head around them. Shops open late and close early and I can’t shake the feeling, engrained into me as a child, that I need to finish my homework and have a bath. I left school a long time ago and eschewed baths in preference of showers but that feeling of slapping on the shackles remains – stop having fun now, the real world needs to give you it’s weekday ass-kicking. Easter Sunday is much worse than that. Out of deference to a bloke who may or may not have lived, died and (certainly not) resurrected the shops don’t open at all. If you step outside you will see the suited and booted on their way to church, or whatever faith-based convenience centre they can waddle to, to show their face to the vicar and prove that their kids are worthy of a place in that faith school or for a formal wedding when the time comes.

Happily, Easter Sunday is followed necessarily by Easter Monday – a day for fitting in as much fun time as possible before the prospect of a short working week. Sure, it’s still a bank holiday but at least the shops open semi-normally and you can finally replace the milk! It’s also, traditionally, the day when folks go abroad to buy up all the surplus Easter eggs being sold off at rock-bottom prices. Cut-price chocolate at ever more cut-prices and yet still with a healthy built-in profit for the shops.

Thanks for reading, now don’t eat all that chocolate at once – you’ll be sick.


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