Hells Bells

This may be my last entry…

…which under the circumstances may not be the best way to start.

A couple of days ago my tongue started to feel a bit weird. I have had this before and it led to a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. Having recently scoffed the equivalent of an Easter egg I thought this might just be a recurrence and that I should cut back.

Yesterday my lip started to feel a bit numb in one spot. It felt similar to a very localised dental anaesthetic and I still wasn’t overly concerned – I hadn’t linked it to my tongue at this point so it just seemed a little odd. Mrs CthuIu thought it may be a cold-sore on its way so we both acknowledged it and moved on.

Today my face slowly started to feel increasingly numb on the right side. Now the worry begins. Am I having a stroke? Surely not? Those things hit like a viper right? One minute you’re fine the next you’re not? I turned to the internet for advice and I’m 99.9% sure it’s not a stroke. I don’t know what it actually is though. I feel fine and my cognitive functions seen pretty normal – I’m typing this blog at normal speed – I may be making a few more mistakes than normal but it’s hard to tell (after all, I am feeling exhausted). My pupils are responding normally to light, I can hold both of my arms out straight but weirdly I can’t wink my right eye any more and it is slower to respond when I blink.

The internet tells me it could be neuropathology associated with Diabetes but I doubt it – my Diabetes is so under control that I have been in Diabetic remission for a couple of years. It tells me it could be anxiety – this is possible but if it is it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have just started work in a new department and I am a bit worried about my abilities. It tells me that it could be Bell’s Palsy which is a temporary or, in some cases, permanent paralysis of the face and is more common in pregnant women, sufferers of HIV and diabetics.


So, it looks like I’ll be off to see the doctor tomorrow to find out what’s wrong.

Thanks for reading, now sod off.


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