Sober Thoughts

This may be my last entry…

It’s my birthday, it’s nearly over and I am 100% sober which I am fine with. I have dispensed with the tradition of being hammered and carried to bed and gone instead for a quite night in front of the TV. This obviously means that I am now old but, in my defence, I’m not sure what effect booze will have on me given that I am on a heavy cocktail of meds anyway. I’ll be ignoring this on Saturday when Mrs CthuIu and I have our joint birthday celebrations (her birthday is Friday).

I’ve had a great day. It started with an excellent Toby Carvery breakfast which I have raved about before followed by a trip to Birmingham’s new Spitfire Gallery in the Thinktank Science Museum. It has only recently opened and I have been meaning to go along. Generally, I’m not overly enamoured of Thinktank because for all its hype it’s a bit lacking in actual stuff and the entrance fee is too high but I am proud of the role that Birmingham played in the production of Spitfires and I wanted to find out more.

We had been bumbling around looking at the machines and information for a short while when we were joined by a bloke that looked a bit like Frank Skinner (even more) Snr who furnished us with a great deal of information on the engineering of the Spitfire and the history of Birmingham’s role in its production. I noticed he was wearing a Bletchley Park lanyard with a big badge saying ‘Ask me about engineering’ so I decided to give him some time to talk to us. He was a very informative chap with an obvious passion for his subject and we ended up talking about encryption and Alan Turing before parting ways. He told me he really enjoyed talking to people because he tended to learn more things than the people he spoke to. I think he was worth the entrance fee on his own.

Amelia Erhamster

Mrs CthuIu gears up for her first flight

We rounded the day off with a trip to Rod Roj which is a Turkish eatery in Birmingham which has recently been featured in The Guardian. It offers up perfect little pieces of Turkish cuisine and a whole lot of happy holiday memories. I can heartily recommend their lamb doner (served with rice and salad), their houmous with freshly baked bread and the lahmacun. They even do Turkish tea properly. Really impressive stuff.

All in all it has been a great day and I’m looking forward to Friday so I can lavish some attention on my wife.

Thanks for reading, now help me blow out all these candles!


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