Wait of expectation

This may be my last entry…

This morning I got a message from my Sister asking what my favourite cake is. It took a while but I told her a nice moist chocolate cake. She runs a tea shop and had run out of inspiration for what kind of cake she wanted to dish up. In my head I thought that perhaps it was a rouse and she was going to rock up later in the day with a cake in tow and that set me up with the feeling that someone was going to drop in.

I had it all day – sure, I was waiting for a grocery delivery but the feeling hung around after that had been and gone.

Mrs CthuIu went out for the day and left me behind to bumble about and get on my own nerves. And so it was, just as I was thinking that I might lose the trousers and play games in my pants (as is my wont when left to my own devices) that my Dad phoned me to tell me he was parked outside my house and he had my three nieces with him.

They have all been on a week long visit to Wiltshire so the girls could visit their Grandparents and my Dad could recuperate from his recent hospital stay. On the way back they got a direction slightly wrong and instead of going straight home, they had randomly found themselves within spitting distance of my house. They popped in, wished me a Happy Birthday for yesterday and left again, all within about half an hour. Completely unplanned drop in that I had weirdly expected!

It’s just coincidence though. There is no sixth sense. I had planted the seed of an idea in my own mind that my sister might show up with a cake which left me with a feeling that I should expect visitors. The fact that a part of my family turned up while this feeling was still with me served to allow me to conclude that it was pre-ordained. This is how superstition works and once you start to see the triggers you can start to wean yourself away from all that hocum.

We come to expect that Cause X leads necessarily to Effect Y – this is pretty standard physics*: Putting your finger into a fire will result in a burnt finger, leaving a cup of water in the freezer will lead to a block of ice in a cup, etc. We then start looking for causes to effects where none exists: I tripped over a stone just before winning that game of tennis therefore I must trip over a stone before every game, I had a feeling that I should expect a visit and I got a visit therefore I predicted the visit etc. All you need to do is look for the disconnect: tripping over a stone does not make you a better tennis player and you should look to your own abilities to see if you can unlock or identify the aspect of your game that you managed to tap into when you won the game after tripping over a stone.

Next time you are feeling like doing something superstitious like touching wood or rubbing a rabbit foot for look stop and give it a miss – see what happens but be aware that you may subconsciously make yourself fail or lose etc because you might already have planted a negative outcome seed. Your brain is a weird thing but at least it keeps you moving!

Thanks for reading, now turn around three times and spit over your right shoulder you superstitious loon.

*Physics is now looking at retrocausality i.e. Cause is derived from effect in certain situations.


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