Back to Reality (That’s the Badger)

This may be my last entry…

So, one of the most disturbing, affirming and interesting weeks of my life draws to a close but I won’t be downhearted. I’ve fit a lot into the week and I feel rested and a little bit rebooted so I’ll keep looking forward and soon it will be the weekend.

I woke up this morning feeling ok, much more so than I should have done and despite its best endeavours, my hangover never kicked in. I think it has something to do with drinking at a steady top-up pace throughout the day and forcing water down my throat before bed – drink too quickly and avoid water and I can guarantee the next day will be a write-off.

On the way back from the party last night I saw a bustle in a hedgerow (don’t be alarmed now) and a weird-looking small dog scampered out towards us. It took me a moment to realise that there was no way this thing could possibly be a dog because dogs don’t run like that. It stopped, looked right at me, turned around and scampered back the way it came. It was only as it turned to run that I realised I had come face to face with my first urban badger! It was amazing. There, in an urban area adjacent to a train station, stood a creature I would only have hoped to have seen in the countryside and we were as startled as one another.

I can confirm that following that encounter I am free of bovine TB and that I was not forced to run for shelter. I am however once again in awe of the genuine majesty of nature and I count that encounter as a very special moment.

Thanks for reading, now set your alarm and avoid the snooze button.


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