Post Face

This may be my last entry…

After two and a smidge weeks in which I have gone from thinking I had Bell’s Palsy to thinking I’d had a stroke to knowing I had Bell’s Palsy again, my face is now 99.9% back to normal. 

I wanted to take a moment to raise awareness though – Bell’s is no laughing matter. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a brief and mild bout but it can last forever. There are some people who never recover and it can be recurrent (in roughly 7% of people).

It’s certainly nothing to be afraid of – there are good guidelines covering all the possible complications – but it can strike pretty much anyone at any time and without warning! If you feel a strange numbness in your face get it checked out immediately because it could be a stroke but, even if it isn’t, there is a window of 72 hours to get the treatment started.

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