Little Victories

This may be my last entry…

I’ve been feeling really crappy all day – I think the steroids have caused a couple of minor infections to become a little more ramped up than they should be. Despite this I have managed to get quite a lot done today so I’m just keeping my head down, my eyes focussed and ignoring the issues.

I managed to get a piece of project work released into the wild and celebrated with a trim and spruce up at Ikon. They are so good at what they do which, in my case, is basically turd-polishing and they appreciate the art of minimal chatting.

I got home and realised that I have actually felt rough for days without really realising it. I tried to give our cat Skitch (named after evernote’s annotation app) a snuggle to ease my mind but she is wilfully independent and just sees me as a huge unpredictable ape. I let her out and smiled wryly as the heavens opened and she came rushing back in. Take that feline! I do love her though, stupid ball of shedding hair and elusive cuteness that she is.

Thanks for reading – I’m going to get some rest so I’ll leave you to it. Could you feed the cat before you leave though please? Thanks.

This post was inspired in part by dailypost’s prompt “Menagerie”. I’m knackered and icky though so I kept it short!

    • cthuIu said:

      Thank you


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