On British Daytime Television

This may be my last entry…

Who watches daytime TV? Seriously, who? Am I missing something? Is it all really ironic and I’m out of the loop and just see it for the horseshit it actually is? Someone must be watching it or they’d stop making it right?

Case in Point #1
Rip Off Britain: Food (BBC)
A program entirely dedicated to wilfully failing to read the labels on food packets and then complaining about it to the manufacturer. Here’s a clue: if it tastes nice ask yourself why, assume it’s full of fat, sugar or both and READ THE SODDING PACKET YOU WHINY DOUCHE!

Case in Point #2
Judge Rinder (ITV)
As if Judge Judy wasn’t enough already, Britain has seemingly employed a gurning Louis Spence-a-like (albeit with quite an impressive CV) to arbritrate in cases which no self-respecting ambulance-chaser would touch with a flaming pole made entirely out of dog turds. Think Jeremy Kyle with a brief and you’re not far from the mark. Judge Judy is similarly awful but at least it gives everyone a chance to point and laugh at people from a different country (unless you’re American in which case you only have yourselves to blame). Judge Rinder has none of the crass, sassy New York style or comedy timing of Judy and just comes across as rude and condescending (welcome to the British legal system).

Happily there is Snooker and YouTube to save me otherwise I’d fear for my sanity!

Thanks for reading, now pass the remote, Bargain Hunt is about to start.


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