The Carpets Match the Curtains

This may be my last entry…

Confused? I’m still trying to get this here blog thing looking the way I want it to so expect some changes over the next few days and weeks (obviously if you are reading this in my archive then you’ll see what I’ve settled on – yeah, I know, sorry).

I went back to the doctor today to find out my test results from Tuesday and I can exclusively reveal…

…they haven’t come back yet. Brilliant! A completely wasted trip.

Actually, it wasn’t completely wasted. I wanted to kill a bit of time before climbing back under my honcho on the sofa so I ducked into a couple of charity shops for a look around. In the second shop I found a copy of Trevor Montague‘s A to Z of Britain and Ireland for the trifling sum of £2.99 – an absolute bargain for another addition to my expanding reference book collection. In the third and final shop I then saw something I have been hankering after for a while – a half-yard ale glass and stand for the ridiculous price of £2.50. Alright, yeah, it’s been used and the stand has seen better days but it’s actually in not bad condition and it saves me paying 10 times that amount (which basically puts me off owning one). I’m not sure I’ll ever use it but at least I now have one to never use rather than not owning one and wishing I could use it.

The rest of the day has been a whirl of inactivity and World Championship Snooker which is quite definitely my sport. I’m not big on the kind of sports that everyone else loves. I hate football with almost as much passion as football fans love it; as far as I can see, rugby union is just an excuse for man-children to get drunk and shove inanimate objects up each other; Formula One is the equivalent of asking your Dad which route he took to get to your house. I’m a baseball fan which is tricky for a Brit – I get a text message whenever my team – the White Sox – play to tell me how badly they did; I enjoy cricket and have actually bought a T20 Blast season ticket this year. Basically, if it involves a bat and at least one ball and is usually played over a number of days then I’m probably in. Oh yeah, also Darts.

Well that was rambling and completely without focus which perfectly fits my personality.

On a final note, today’s dailypost prompt is as follows:

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

dailypost.wordpress.comYour life, the book

My answer: I think the perfect biographer for me would be Professor Steve Jones. Ultimately, everything I am and everything I do breaks down to a biological imperative. Who better to wade through my biological swamp than him? If you aren’t aware of his works I would highly recommend Darwin’s Island and The Serpent’s Promise but the vast majority of his books are brilliantly written, insightful and accessible.

Thanks for reading, Steve? Are you getting this down?


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