On Bugs and Superbugs

This may be my last entry…

Back to work today which is novel I suppose. Fortunately I had laid down some good work before going off so there was nothing too screamy to return to.

I got a call from the doctor with my test results and it turns out that I didn’t have a kidney infection after all – it was an e-coli infection of my urinary tract which is really rare in a man of my age. The antibiotics they gave me are still effective against the bacteria and they have extended the course for a few days.

This all fully backs up my theory that it was caused by the suppressed immune response associated with the steroids I was taking for the Bell’s Palsy. Couple that with the diabetes and – boom – you have a recipe for a minor, under-the-radar lurgy becoming the Lance Armstrong of infections! I expect to see it on an Oprah special soon.

The good news is that I am pretty much over everything now. My face works as do my bits-and-doings and I’m hoping for a long period of good health now (not least because it’s just bloody boring being stuck in at home).

Thanks for reading, now always complete the course!


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