Tour of Duty in ‘Nam

This may be my last entry…

Having witnessed the election of the Tories into sole control of our country I though it only right to go and see my mate in posh Cheltenham.

I like Cheltenham, it’s tiny but we’ll formed and, because it has to cater for the well heeled and well oiled, it has an inordinate number of good pubs. We went to most of them for a pint.

We started off in a pub that had an incidental cider and cheese festival on. I had a couple of halves of cheeky cider (I was too full for any cheese) and then pub-crawled around the town.

After a few more libations in a series of real ale obsessed pubs we decided to go back to my mates house to make pizza and drink gin.

The pizza was a joint venture calling on my baking skills and my mate’s sauce making. The results were amazing as usual (if I say so myself). If you have never made your own pizza from scratch you are seriously missing out and you should do it immediately!

It’s always good to see my mate, we’ve been close for over 25 years now and, despite us not seeing eye to eye on all subjects, we never fail to have a laugh. That’s a much more important thing than which side of the political middle line you fall, which team you support or anything as trivial as that.

Thanks for reading, now haven’t you got a call to make?


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