Fest of all possible worlds

This may be my last entry…

Just over twelve years ago I started writing my first blog. I remember discussing my impending mid-life crisis (as I turned 30) and how I was looking forward to the newly created Download Festival. Here I am twelve years later enjoying a mid-life crisis and looking forward to the positively-part-of-the-furniture thirteenth Download Festival.I think the oddest thing is that, even though I have pretty much decided that I’m too old for this crap and should retire from festivals, I am planning to do a double header this year. Download in June, FarmFestival at the end of July.

There is a great deal to be said for small(ish) festivals – the distances aren’t so vast for one. Camping 100 metres from the car park is a far cry from the crazy distances involved with larger to massive festivals where you are knackered by the time you reach the outskirts of the camping fields. Then there is the ambience verses atmosphere:

The big festivals all have an atmosphere with the emphasis on fear. You feel, usually unjustifiably, like you need to keep a close eye on your possessions at all times. Small festivals feel much better – especially family ones like FarmFestival and The Acoustic Festival of Britain – seem safer and more family oriented even if they aren’t. Importantly though they are much cheaper!

Hopefully it won’t all be too much for me in my dotage and I’ll be able to muddle through!

I get the feeling that I’ll look back on this in twelve years time and chastise myself for being an idiot – I’ll be going through a mid-life crisis, looking forward to Download 2027 and bemoaning the success of FarmFestival which got too big and too expensive!

Thanks for reading, now rock hard… rock heavy… rock lobster!


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