A Daze in the Life

This may be my last entry…

It’s so hard to find time to blog during the day so I always end up doing just before going to bed – this clearly isn’t healthy or good for creativity. I’m going to have to work out a system. So, let’s see what I got up to today shall we:

  • Alarm goes off – hit the snooze button and wake up 20 minutes later
  • Hit the shower, shave
  • Feed the cat
  • Try and de-zombie in front of the TV
  • Get dressed
  • Sort my hair out
  • Leave the house slightly late and quickstep to the station
  • Drown out the other commuters with music
  • Get off the train and take a 20 minute walk to work
  • Check my emails
  • Check for any new Enhancements or Defects
  • Worry about the state of the people who log this crap with me – come on guys, a new report is a request not an enhancement 😉
  • Make the requested report
  • Daily ‘what are you doing today’ meeting
  • Breakfast!
  • Explain for the third time that the email ‘issue’ was caused by user failure and not the system
  • Grab a cup of tea
  • Explain the same as above for the fourth time
  • Book my tickets to FarmFest!
  • Fix an issue for a thing which has no process flow – I’m not a Business Analyst – I’m wayyy too stupid for that!
  • Lunch time!
  • Sort out a couple more issues
  • Come up with an idea to solve minions from logging single issues as defects
  • Implement that idea
  • Release the new kit to fix some issue that wouldn’t have existed if I’d been given the right info in the first place – I’m not a mind-reader
  • More Tea
  • Explain for a fifth and final time that the email ‘issue’ was caused by a user, not the system
  • Explain that I am a developer, not a Business Analyst for the 8 millionth time
  • Have a weep
  • Log off
  • Start to walk back to get my train but it’s raining
  • Jump on the shuttle bus
  • Jump on the train
  • Get home after buying some milk and do the washing up
  • Catch up with all the TV I’ve been missing (this could probably be dropped to give me blogging time but then I’d spend almost no time with Mrs Cthuiu at all)
  • Realise it’s now 11pm and I need to sleep but, more importantly, I haven’t blogged
  • Write blog listing how I spent my day
  • Realise this is all getting too meta and cut to the closing line

Thanks for reading, now how was your day?


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