Waiting for a brain that never comes

This may be my last entry…

I like our local GP surgery. You can generally book an appointment for the same day and even, occasionally, the same hour! The wait when you get there is rarely what could be described as excessive and the doctors are knowledgeable and polite.
Obviously, if I’m there something had gone wrong and I try to avoid that.

Compare that to the hell I found myself in today…

It looks like my infection has returned but instead of nursing it and hoping it would just go away like last time, I went to see the doctor. Unfortunately with it being Saturday I was forced to go to one of my last favourite places on the planet – The Walk In Centre. I’ve found myself in some shitty places during the course of my life. I’ve lived in a few of them. In one place the kids used to wait until around bonfire night and fire rockets at the police helicopters. The ‘grown-ups’ would also just have sex out on the street. It was a bad place but these events were sporadic and almost tolerable. The Walk In Centre is much worse.

“Cats and monkeys; monkeys and cats; all human life is there”

Henry James – The Madonna of the Future (1873)

As I sat down I noticed a sign which said “We aim to see patients within 1-2 hours, please don’t ask us when you will be seen – we don’t have that information”. I would say my heart sank but I’d been there before and knew all this to be true. The seats were pretty much all taken but I managed to find one in front of a young man who refused to move his legs so that I could have a millimetre of leg space and next to a clearly very sick lady who was watching women’s rugby on her phone at full volume. What fresh hell is that? Who thinks it acceptable to have listen their phone without headphones in a public space? Headphones – use some bloody headphones.

I settled back, stuck on a couple of YouTube videos and  waited to be seen.

Ah, headphones. Yep, it’s a thorny issue. Immediately I recognised the dilemma – headphones and potentially not hear when you are called or no headphones and raise the heckles of everyone around you. It took me all of a nanosecond to realise that having just one earbud in would accommodate both scenarios adequately – my university education has clearly paid dividends!

Thankfully, my wait was much shorter than expected and after just 40 minutes of hell other people, the doctor came to call me.

About 2 minutes later the whole thing was done. It seems that the initial infection was fought to the brink of extinction but the job was never finished. This allowed the remaining buggers to rally and return. I’ve been given another course of more specific antibiotics and they already seem to have started working. Hopefully, by the time I wake up tomorrow, I will be almost fighting fit – we have a house inspection on Monday so I’ve got some work to do to get the place shipshape and Bristol fashion!

Thanks for reading, now keep yourself hydrated and always complete the course (again)!


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