Betteridge’s Law and Bad Science

This may be my last reblog…

A blog post by Mrs CthuIu on the dangers of newspapers computer games.

Dead Tree News

“Call of Duty increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease”, says the Telegraph. “Video game link to psychiatric disorders suggested by study”, reports the Guardian. The Daily Mail asks the question “Could video games increase your risk of Alzheimer’s?”

To which, my careful and measured response is… Aaaargh! Panic panic panic! Quick, tell your gamer friends, unplug your XBox and fling the controller out of the window. Alzheimer’s is terrifying and looks to be the curse of our generation – our bodies are fitter (ish), our diet is better (KFC aside), we’re better educated about health and disease, HIV and cancer are no longer a death sentence, so in the developed world at least we’re living longer and age-related conditions like dementia are on the increase. This is scientific fact. Sorry. If computer games increase your risk of developing dementia, which seems to be contrary to earlier studies about

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