this.may(‘be my last entry’).

Today has been a struggle.

I struggled to get out of bed; I struggled to leave the house; the commute was a struggle… you get the picture. I’m keeping myself dosed up on Paracetamol and Honey & Lemon and pretending I’m ok.

By far the worst thing was the coding element of the day. It’s hard to think like a computer when you’re having major problems thinking like a human. Still, with a little help from my mentor and some blind luck, I somehow managed to knock a solution together for a problem where nobody had actually told me what they want.

It’s a old refrain but it’s worth repeating:

Computers have no imagination.
Developers can’t read minds.
Developers make computers do clever things.
Developers have no imagination.

Simple truths I’m sure you’ll agree.

Essentially what I had to do was create a system to allow reporting for financial months. The months run from, for example, 21 Dec – 20 Jan thereby spanning a two month period. Using standard reports for this produces results with a total for Dec and another total for Jan rather than a single total for ‘Period 1’. I worked out a solution pretty quickly but, as with any coding on an existing system, it has knock-on effects with other parts of the code.

Somehow, I managed to pull off this Herculean task in a single day with no real plan and a stinking mutha of a cold. I’m pretty impressed with myself. That said, it will be released into the wild tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’ll get emails about how I’ve done it wrong and it’s not what they asked for. We’ll see.

If you have no clue about this stuff, why not just give it a try? You may find you’re brilliant at it and you want my job!

Thanks for reading, now

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