Ending Twitter

This may be my last entry…

As a child I was an avid birdwatcher but now I spend most spring and summer nights wishing I could rip their stupid beaks off. I live adjacent to a park so every spring and summer night I go to bed to the sound of owls and around 4am I get woken up by the dawn chorus. Unfortunately I still like the idea of having birds in the world so there is only one thing I can feasibly do:

In other news, it seems that Comedy Central UK has dropped The Daily Show from its schedule.

This is devastating for those who care about the show in the UK. I can’t help thinking that it’s a huge publicity stunt though.

If you fill your channel with repeats and only have one or two new shows which air at stupid o’clock am how do expect to get good ratings? My feeling is that, with Jon Stewart leaving this year and being replaced by the hugely talented Trevor Noah, Comedy Central are desperately trying to drum up a bit of a social media awareness campaign. If so, I just joined the cause and I feel dirty – If not they’re assholes, I’m still advertising them and I feel dirty.

Here’s the deal – boycott Comedy Central channels. Just don’t watch them. What’s that? You don’t? Yeah, me neither.

Thanks for reading, now perfect your American political satire and I’ll see you back here every night for your wry look at the news.


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