Lions and Tigers and Yoooouuuu Bears (Oh My)

This may be my last entry…

I live quite close the Internationally renowned Edgbaston Cricket Ground and, as discussed in an earlier blog, I rather like sports involving bats and balls. This obviously means one thing:

Me and a couple of my friends went to see the Birmingham Bears vs Worcestershire Rapids (a local derby) T20 Blast match this evening.

It was a close and low scoring match but The Bears were able to take the last wicket with 3 balls and 18 runs remaining. I loved it – T20 is the shiny glitzy and, most importantly, fast cousin of Test Cricket. Each match is only about 3 hours long (compared to Test Match Cricket which can take 5 whole days) and is pretty much non-stop action. Obviously that’s not balls-out (pardon the pun), Superhero movie action but action nonetheless.

There was some quality sports chat going on among us and we’d managed to sneak a few drinks in to the ground to oil the wheels a little. Essentially it was a great laugh punctuated with some lively cricket. I’m really looking forward to the next time.

I’ll be away for the next fixture which coincides with Download but there are 5 more home games following that and then finals day.

It is almost entirely out of character for me to be this interested in any sport so really, don’t take this as a normal blog entry.

Thanks for reading, now ‘owzat?


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