Reader, I marred him!

This may be my last entry…

I’ve kind of stopped reading. It’s a problem.

I have no difficulty starting a book but sticking with it until the end is a very different matter. I’m not sure why this is the case. I love reading; I love the ability to switch from this world to an entirely different one. I love the escape that provides but I’ve become really lazy of late.

When it comes to reading I have a few guidelines that I live by:

  • If it’s boring there’s no point finishing it – life is too short for bad tea and bad books
  • If it’s too long I probably won’t start it – if the writer can’t be succinct then perhaps they need a better editor
  • If it’s knowingly post-modern I’m probably going to hate it
  • Fact is better and often stranger than fiction
  • Too many characters and I start to lose track
  • If in doubt, get the Rankins out

As you can see, this seems a bit limiting but I would say that I am pretty well read. I have certainly read enough to have built the guidelines.

The year before last I determined that I was going to read a book a week. I asked a few friends for recommendations and I think that could be what broke me. One of the suggested books was Isaac Walton’s The Compleat Angler which is essentially a 17th century guide to fishing – it put me off reading for months afterwards! With all my heart I recommend against it but the link will take you to a free download.

I suppose what I am saying is this: recommend a book to me but bear the guidelines in mind. Obviously there is bound to be some cross over and I will have read some of the suggestions I’m sure. If there are any there that I like the sound of and I can get a copy of I will endeavour to read them. Perhaps we could read them together and get me back on the reading train again.

Thanks for reading, now do some reading thanks!


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