Round ’em up Rawhide!

This may be my last entry…

**Health Update** – I know you were worried

I saw the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (me neither) today to see why I’m feeling so terrible. The answer: I’ve been through so much crap over the last couple of months that she’s surprised I’m not in a much worse state. The various drugs I have been on have sent my immune system into meltdown and given my stomach a gangland-style working-over. Apparently, the reason I feel virusy is that I have a virus (duh).

She’s given me some tablets for my dodgy tummy and sent me off to eat a ‘bland diet’ for a month. Good luck with that sister, I’ve got a festival to go to in 2 weeks!

**Poetry Update**

Weirdly, yesterday’s haikumania yielded the most likes of any post so far. I used to write a lot of poetry and lyrics when I was younger so I may be tempted to throw the odd stanza on here in the future – don’t expect life-shattering, revelatory verse, I tend toward the comedic or just plain perverse these days.

**Maths Update**

No new numbers have been discovered today. I haven’t even tried looking for a Keith number in a few days!

**Javascript Development Update**

Nah, just kidding.

Thanks for reading, now cool your heels my friends, tomorrow is another day (and the start of the weekend)!


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