…because it’s there!

This may be my last entry…

I love camping. Until recently I was a cub scout leader but I became disillusioned with the whole movement because there just isn’t enough focus on outdoor pursuits. I quickly realised that I wasn’t ever going to get the camping experience I crave and enjoy hanging out with a bunch of kids who spend the entire time wishing they were somewhere else and crying for Mummy.

The experience I am looking for is the impromptu grab-your-pack-and-pitch-where-you-drop hiking and camping. The one where civilisation is far enough away that you have to treat EVERYTHING like it’s going to kill you and you will never be found again (so, you know, a farmer’s field or Norfolk). I love just being able to crawl into my head space and watch the day unfold, watch the weather change and watch the day become night and night become day. I love being under canvass (or more accurately polyester) when it rains, when it blows or when it’s still and calm and the nocturnal animals perform their opera.

There are downsides, sure, and I miss some creature comforts but the cons are certainly outweighed by the pros.

I do have a couple of big problems though – Mrs CthuIu hates camping as much as I love it and I don’t drive. Fortunately, I have friends that enjoy a good rough camp, unfortunately they don’t drive either. The upshot of this is that the first camping I will get to do this year will be at the Download Festival with the next time being Farm Festival – I don’t really count these though, it’s a necessary consequence of going to festivals, not the enjoyable sit-back-and-whittle-some experience I love so much.

I hereby declare that I, CthuIu, will camp more often and at more random intervals in the future regardless of the weather and the location and I will share the experience on this blog.

So be it

Thanks for reading, now throw another log on the fire and let’s get a singsong going.


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