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This may be my last entry…

It’s hotter than <insert sex fantasy involving two of your favourite celebrities>John Sergeant and Rachel Dolezal</insert> here at the moment with temperatures soaring to those associated with putting a jacket on when it’s snowing. Most of my fellow Brits are revelling in the new found warmth but tomorrow the backlash will begin. Read More


This may be my last entry…

IMAG0123 - Edited

Thanks for reading, now slap on the sunblock and grab an ice cream!

This may be my last entry…

No reading at all today – it’s a Saturday so there is so much more to be done.

First port of call for us was the last day of the Birmingham Hidden Spaces¬†event. We were allowed into the Old Municipal Bank and it’s vaults.¬†The point of the event is to allow people into disused or previously inaccessible locations to get an idea of what happens in the restricted areas of the city.
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This may be my last entry…

No reading today due to overwhelming tiredness and a handy lift home!

Listened to Pet Shop Boys all day as an experiment. More next time maybe(?)

Went for a meal with Mrs CthuIu, then watched comedy for the rest of the night. I hope I can get some sleep now!

Thanks for reading, now snoooooze!

This may be my last entry…

It’s been an eventful day and I am shattered. I didn’t sleep well last night at all and it has shown through in my work and play.

To make matters worse I have spent the majority of the day researching and learning. Read More