Ramping up

This may be my last entry…

Things are moving on a pace. Not much more than a week to go until Download Festival and the stage times have now been released. Mrs CthuIu has created her matrix of required items and I have already started packing! So now comes the last few days of panic.

To avoid having to pay for lockers we have bought a couple of battery charging units to keep our phones topped up. They seem pretty great but I haven’t had chance to test them properly yet. Assuming I can get 3 or 4 full charges out of it we should be able to keep our phones on and in use throughout the festival. It has also been announced that the entire festival will have free WiFi coverage so there is even more reason to have our phones with us (and I can blog live instead of queueing up some posts while I’m away).

Next up for procurement will be a torch. Following on from my experiences trying to go to the toilet during the night and ending up slipping and covering myself in other people’s refuse, I have decided to get hold of a decent torch – one that will actually allow me to see where I’m going. I’m not sure how extravagant I want to go but I can see the point in investing in something that will last a few festivals, not just this one.

The rest of the things I want I should be able to pick up from the festival itself but I’ve planned a trip to Go Outdoors for the coming weekend. I should be able to pick up some things I would otherwise forget and, frankly, I love those shops (see my last post for details).

I’m really beginning to feel genuinely excited now and can’t wait to be in amongst it watching some of my favourite bands and getting messy (literally as well as figuratively). It turns out that I have some friends going this time too so it could turn out to be one of the best Downloads ever.

Thanks for reading, now let’s work out who clashes with who!


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