Raising the Spirit

This may be my last entry…

Mrs CthuIu was out with her friend this evening leaving me to fend for myself in the scary world of quick food. I couldn’t justify a takeaway to myself after going out last night so I decided to do something a bit different.

The sun was shining as I strolled home so I thought it would be a great chance to do a field test on the Trangia. I’ve used it a couple of times to boil water to show people how it works but I hadn’t used it in anger yet. I decided that the perfect meal to cook on a Trangia would be 80’s kids classic Meatballs and Super Noodles. Now, I’m not making any claims to how good the food is – at one point the Meatballs in came in ‘Tasty’ [sic] Tomato Sauce – but I grew up eating this crap and I don’t care how god awful it is.

You have to cook pretty smart with a Trangia. You are limited to a single burner so making one-pot meals is usually the best option. My kit has 2 pans and a kettle so I boiled the kettle and set it aside while I cooked the meatballs. While the meatballs cooked (much quicker than I anticipated) I prepared the Super Noodles in the second pan ready for the water. Taking the now mostly cooked meatballs off the burner I put the kettle back on and brought it to the boil again. Once boiled, I poured the requisite water over the noodles and put them on the burner to bubble away for a few minutes. Finally, once they were 95% cooked (the rest can be achieved from their own residual heat) I put the meatballs on again to give them a final warm through.


This way, everything was cooked to perfection and I had enough water to make a cup of tea and start to soak the dirty pans. The whole thing took about 20 minutes – long for this particular meal but impressive for outdoors cooking.

In all honesty I think it will primarily be a water heating system at Download but the proof of concept is there and I’m sure it’ll get a proper work out at FarmFest!

I wasn’t sure about it initially but now I love my Trangia! (I’m a sad, sad individual)

Thanks for reading, now get outdoors and do some cooking!


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