Gone Outdoors

This may be my last entry…

Overall it’s been a pretty good day. My stomach is feeling a bit more robust thanks to the meds, the sun was out (after a brief and rather pathetic shower) and I had bacon for breakfast – marvellous!

As planned, Mrs CthuIu, Modulor Dave and I went off to sunny Wolverhampton to visit Go Outdoors, a large (slightly) out of town camping equipment shop. I love wandering around camping shops looking at the new and interesting crap they have on offer. We ended up spending an obscene amount of money on “essentials” and still came away without everything we went in for. It’s so easy to do. I can’t find the exact chair that I need but hey, this flannel pillow will perfectly compliment my existing self-inflating pillow and allow me to get a mythical good night’s sleep!  They don’t have that model of Swiss army knife I was looking for but, woo, sporks!

My sporran arrived this morning so I’m coming close to having the full customised kilt experience. I replaced the traditional leather-strap-and-chain sporran straps with a couple of lengths of chunky chain and added a steam-punk style brooch as a makeshift sporran pin. It’s looking good but I refuse to provide photo evidence until the day I wear it in earnest.

Modulor Dave has blogged about his festival kit list and, if I find the time and energy I might be tempted to do the same. There’s certainly a need for festival survival advice and, as I am considering retiring from the larger festivals, now might be the best time to provide it.

Thanks for reading, now how much is that inflatable tent?


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