Download diary day 2

This may be my last entry…

Last night, my phone battery nearly died while I blogged. I put it on to charge only to find my charger want going to play ball. This morning I was forced to shell out £15 for three official Download battery chargers (one for now and two replacements as they deplete) – could be worse.

Today was my first full kilt day and I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty comfy. My only gripe, and one shared with a lot of women, is that my thighs chafe rather badly. Mrs CthuIu has recommended Vaseline so I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

The first part of the day was spent walking to and getting back from the ‘local’ co-op. This was a necessary journey and we now have booze and food so the rest of the festival should be cheaper. Breakfast this morning cost nearly £10 for two bacon & egg sandwiches but we bought porridge pots at £1 a time – a saving of £4 per head!

It’s a hell of a walk and it’s been the first day of the year so far. I think it’s fair to say it took it out of us.

As I struggled to get myself back together and hydrate, I began interacting with out neighbours and basically spent the rest of the day hanging out and having a laugh. We ended up coming third in a quiz and celebrating with an impromptu bbq. They’re a funny bunch both literally and figuratively but I think we fit in well.

The arena opens tomorrow and the festival-proper begins. Hopefully there will be photos and a list of who we saw but that will be a whole new post.

Thanks for reading, now how many cans of Kopperberg do we need between us?


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