Download diary day 3

This may be my last entry…

A bit of a mixed bag today. The weather was brilliant, both warm and sunny and then evil and torrential. I learnt something really important – old waterproofs don’t necessarily maintain their integrity! More on that later.

After breakfast and hanging out with the new gang, we pre-loaded on cider and then hit the arena. Finally, the festival had kicked off!


My human form at a happy stage

Having bought some vittles from a strangely reasonably priced vendor and accidentally catching some Rival State, we headed off to see Swedish rockers Blues Pills. They were great, ballsy without being too in-your-face.

The rest of the day panned out like this:

Lacuna Coil
Corrosion of Conformity
–The rain started here —
Dragonforce with Baby Metal
Judas Priest
Black Stone Cherry

It was a great line up but I realised that I perhaps didn’t like Lacuna Coil as much as I thought I did!? Clutch were probably the stand out performance of the day for me closely followed by speed metal legends Corrosion of Conformity. It’s always a joy to see Slipknot live and today was no exception but, call it complacency in the face off familiarity, it felt like something was lacking. In all honesty, it could just be that I was drenched (thanks to my ‘waterproof’ any surplus poncho) and my back was aching, or that maybe I was too far away, but I wanted a bigger bang. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but Clutch and CoC were just… better.


Me and the current Mrs CthuIu in a rock remake of Singing in the Rain

Once the rain started it didn’t let up. As I write, I am drying off and warming up in my tent but I’ll be surprised if my kilt is in a wearable state tomorrow, let alone my boots. The tent is so much better than its price tag should allow, that I know, no matter how bad the rain gets, at least I’ll be dry.

I’ve pretty much resolved to stay in the tent until it stops raining now so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for reading now, when I say jump, I want you maggots to jump up!

Once again, no connection so I’ll upload at the first opportunity.


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