Download Diary Day 5

This may be my last entry…

The final day of a major festival is always a bit weird. It’s tinged with celebration, sadness and a lack of energy. There are bands you’ll want to see and new friends you’ll inevitably have to say goodbye to but you’re worn out from the last few days festivities and eveything becomes a bit of a slog.

Today has been no exception. The mud had taken it’s toll and I’m knackered but still ready to party.

The bands I saw today were:

Backyard Babies
We are Harlot
Blackberry Smoke
Billy Idol
Eagles of Death Metal
Motley Crue (final UK Festival appearance)
Butcher Babies
Suicidal Tendencies

For me, one of the stand out performances of the festival came from recently reformed 90s grunge band L7. They absolutely stormed their set.

I hadn’t seen Suicidal Tendencies since 1989 so it was a hugely important gif for me. They headlined the smaller tent and put on an absolutely amazing performance. I was right at the front and got to fist-bump Mike Muir. Awesome!


Suicidal Tendencies in action

Once the festival-proper had finished, Mrs CthuIu and I sat in the village (a hub for campers with shops, cafes, bars, fairground rides and entertainment venues) and retired to keep the spirit alive. All things must come to an end though so we made the trudge back to our tent.

Once back we grabbed our remaining booze and headed off to visit the remains of our adoptive Download family. It was fun, we had a laugh and a dunk and then headed off to our respective beds to sleep before the final pack-and-run tomorrow.

I did say that this would probably be my last big festival but I’ve been turned around. This year has been terrible in parts (the weather and some of the line up) but that has been outweighed by how much fun I’ve had. It’s always good to meet new people, especially when they are so easy to be around.

Thanks for reading, now let’s see if the tent week fit back in the bag!


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