I am made of ache

This may be my last entry…

Today has been hard. I wanted a nice quiet day before returning to work and, for the most part, that is what I got but I have been aching all day. I always forget this bit. I’d spent the previous six days walking and walking and dancing and walking and schlepping rucksacks from pillar to post and walking, but I hadn’t thought that it was actually the most ongoing exercise I had done in a long time. There are parts of me aching that I didn’t think could ache but that’s got to be a good thing, right?

I left the house once today to get some lunch and then returned and tried not to move too much for the rest of the time.

Weirdly, this evening I joined Mrs CthuIu in a facial (careful now) to see if it would sooth my weather-beaten face. It left my face felling a little less craggy and for that I am grateful.

Back to work tomorrow but I’ll still be reliving the glory for some time to come.

I found out today that my old faves Mordred are back together, making music and, most importantly, touring. They hit a venue near me in August so I’ll be picking up tickets really soon. They were a huge influence on me in the early 90’s and made me want to emulate them. It’s great to have them back and, after the Suicidal Tendencies related reawakening of my inner animal, I’m feeling more and more metal by the day.

Welcome back!

Thanks for reading, now don’t you wish you were just like me?


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