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This may be my last entry…

One of the big problems with niche music is that nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about. People at work kept asking me who I saw and my reply, though entirely sensible to me, could just as well have been the teacher from Charlie Brown.

-What was the best thing you saw?
-That would be when wawawawawa from wawawawawa jumped off stage while they were doing wawawawa
-Riiigggghhhtttt. Is that like Lady Gaga?

No, no it’s not.

I realised very quickly that I had taken very few photos. It was a conscious decision because I wanted to be there in the moment, watching the bands live instead of through a tiny pathetic viewfinder. Obviously, this absolutely does not help when you are trying to describe what went on – people just point blank refuse to enter in to a mind-meld with me and therefore have no chance of experiencing the festival subjectively. Typical.

The aching has mostly gone away now but the bruises have risen to the surface. My enthusiasm hasn’t changes at all though so I’m already itching for next year.

I spent a good portion of the day listening to Babymetal and daydreaming about next year’s line-up.

Thanks for reading, now gimme chocolate!!

  1. I hope this won’t be your last post. There are plenty of us out here who know what you are talking about. It just takes time to connect with them but it is worth the effort in the end.

    Download was amazing, I’m glad you made greta memories. Keep making them and keep sharing them

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    • cthuIu said:

      It certainly won’t be my last post. The ‘last post’ thing is just part of my schtick but thanks for the kind words.

      Download was immense and I love that so many people were able to face the weather with a smile and rock. The indomitable spirit of the metal head writ large!

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