Rock the train

This may be my last entry…

This is my 100th post so I’ll go for the confessional approach:

My name is CthuIu and I’m a public groover and lipsyncer. I can’t help it. I often wonder how people can put their headphones on and not respond to the music at all. I rock my head, strum my air guitar and indicate ‘the drop’. I mouth along to songs that I know and love and I worry that people are judging me.

No amount of judgement will make me stop though – at least I’m not one of those weirdos that actually sing along to their music in crowded trains! Also, screw you youths! At least I have the good grace to use headphones in the first place!

I’m never going to stop until people actively think I am old enough to have some kind of condition and even then I see no reason to stop.

Yeah, I’m a public groover and lipsyncer and that’s your problem, not mine.

Today I grooved to Hellyeah, Code Orange (Kids), Clutch and Suicidal Tendencies – you should too:

Thanks for reading, now indicate the drop with a silent brap-brap!


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