Falling to the Foxes

This may be my last entry…

Warning: The following post contains Cricket. Conniving the Cuttlefish is written before a live studio audience.

Having missed last week’s T20 tussle between Birmingham Bears and Nottingham Outlaws (which the Bears won via the Duckworth Lewis System (You Bears)). I thought it about bally time I caught the blighters in action. Unfortunately, inaction was their watchword!

My father-in-law had been good enough to leave me a match report for last week’s game which I read with interest – essentially rain had stopped play enough for DLS to kick in and it was determined that the outlaws could not have scored enough runs to win the game outright. This was great news for the Bears because Nottingham have a strong T20 team (although their current league position suggests otherwise) and the win helped the Bears further up the table.

This week the Bears took on the rank outsiders Leicestershire Foxes. Leicestershire have not been doing too badly this season with a spate of wins keeping them in the upper echelons of the T20 table but this should have been an easy win for Birmingham. The result however was very different.

Birmingham (aka Warwickshire) batted first and, despite a frantic middle section, never really got going. They managed a few cheeky shots including a glorious reverse swing for a resounding 4 but for the most part seemed to have not turned up. This was further highlighted with lack-lustre fielding and loose bowling. Unsurprisingly, Leicestershire brought the game to the Bears and walked away the easy victors.

The next game will be on Sunday against a strong (again this is not born out from their league standing) Yorkshire. I predict a win for the Bears who seem to suffer from the same problem as Liverpool FC: Great against the toughest teams and lose to the weakest.

It was a pleasant evening though so I can’t really complain.

You Bears!

Thanks for reading, now here’s the weather with Sally…


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