Does it help?

This may be my last entry…

Tonight I was asked whether keeping a blog helps to keep my depression at bay. It’s an interesting question and it deserves a decent answer.

I suppose the simple answer is yes. It certainly helps me to think through some of my darker thoughts and turn them into posts.

I have spoken before about how writing a journal with pen and paper is less of a disconnect than typing a blog, but I think the disconnect helps me deliver my thoughts in a more considered manner. I can scribble down word almost as quickly as I can say them but my typing is much slower. This means that every word that his this blog has had more time to process and I am much more comfortable deleting messy rubbish and starting again – computer words are far more ephemeral than those summoned from a pen!

The processing of the words helps me to slow down and consider everything I say. I write predominantly for myself as a kind of catharsis but ultimately, this is not a private blog and I try to structure my posts to be readable. I don’t really seek to entertain but if entertainment is derived then who am I to prevent it.

It amazes me that people read these words and are inspired to comment but I welcome it. Depression is a tough illness and anything I can do to keep it at bay has to be a worthwhile pursuit. It’s gratifying to realise that I am not alone and that there are scores of people out there who want to provide kind words and criticism.

So yes, despite the gargantuan effort it can sometimes take to update this on a daily basis, keeping a blog is a great way of keeping my depression at bay but I know that should it return, and I hope against hope it doesn’t, there will be people to help me through it.

Thanks for reading, now smile and get typing!


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