Music of the Past

This may be my last entry…

I’m a music freak. I don’t think there is any dispute about that. I love listening and reacting to music. It informs my entire daily existence; It enhances and changes my mood; it even dictates the majority of my close friendships. It even forms the basis of one of my first and happiest memories.

I was sitting on my Mum’s knee watching ‘Pebble Mill at One’ or one of those terrible magazine shows and I remember Sad Café came on and did Everyday Hurts – I was absolutely hooked.

Nothing can make me feel as good as music can or make me feel as bad and nothing can make my blood boil quicker. As the song says ‘Music was my first love and it will be my last’. It was obvious that one day I would stop just passively listening and start playing but it took longer than I hoped and even though I tried nothing ever came of it. I built up an impressive collection of vinyl and then CDs and now mp3s but there is nothing I can point at and call my own. Sad I suppose but it doesn’t stop me wanting to play. I love the feel of a musical instrument and that I can make it come alive (not in any mind-blowing way you understand, but in a pleasant enough way to avoid being told to stop).

So I suppose my childhood toys were different to most. Sure, I had Star Wars figures and Action Men but they were as nothing compared to music. Music was what my brother and I were able to see eye-to-eye on no matter how much we would fight over other things. All the friends of my formative years were either those I was in a band with or who had a similar passion for music as me. We would listen to metal and condemn anyone who thought differently.

Things haven’t changed. I still surround myself with people who are passionate about music but these days I have (a bit) more time for those who don’t share my particular tastes. I still can’t get to grips with people who claim to not like music but they are few and far between and I can usually find some common ground on other subjects.

Thanks for reading, now pass me my banjo – I feel a pluckin’ comin’ on.


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