Breaking the Spine

This may be my last entry…

I’m 50 pages in and frustrated with myself. The book seems great so far but after a chain of zombie-brained events I managed to sabotage myself.

Firstly, I forgot my phone:

Then, the train had chatters and I had no way of blocking them out: no phone means no music! I managed to steel myself and focus enough to get some reading done – go me!

Lunchtime came and like an idiot I left my book in my bag. I’m out of the habit so it’s no big surprise but annoying nevertheless.

Despite noisy non-commuters on the journey home I managed to get some more done and nearly missed my stop!

So, what’s to tell? I’m not a big one for spoilers but this is a non-fiction book so, if you learnt anything about the execution of Charles I from school or TV, nothing I could say would be too big a spoiler. So far, Charles has been a right Royal pain in the arse and cost the country mega-bucks. He’s been nicked and sent to do porridge in some of the swankiest prisons you could imagine – think castles and town houses and you’re nearly there. Meanwhile, The Parliamentarians are in a mood with Charlie and have decided that, following years of unrest, he should face legal proceedings.

That’s pretty much it so far. I am pretty sure that tomorrow will see the King given a short sharp slap with blade that will shorten his reign and his stature.

Thanks for reading, now accept the authority of the court!


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