Charles I: Banticide

This may be my last entry…

It’s been an eventful day and I am shattered. I didn’t sleep well last night at all and it has shown through in my work and play.

To make matters worse I have spent the majority of the day researching and learning. I have been tasked with setting up a reciprocal web service between to instances of ServiceNow. I’ve never really done anything like it before so it’s proving to be a challenge. Fortunately this is a proof of concept and I have been documenting as I go. When it comes to the real configuration I should be well ahead of the game.


As a consequence of my tiredness and lunching with a friend, I haven’t really tucked into the book in the way I hoped and managed a measly 20 pages today. They’ve been pretty packed though:

Charlie is up before the beaks but, due to his not respecting their authoriteh, he is sentenced to death. After having a bit of a moan to his kids he pops off for an extreme haircut. He tips the barber by leaving something with the King’s head on it.

This has made Charlie’s mates a bit peevish and they accuse the judges and their assistants of regicide (and probably banticide – the King was, after all, a proper ledge). Without the ability to nip off for a cheeky Nando’s to calm themselves down, they instead go on the rampage and murder a couple of their perceived enemies without the merest hint of remorse. This would not have pleased Charlie who had expressly ordered his son to forgive his judges.

Next up:

Oliver Cromwell takes over as Lord Protector of England and begins abolishing Bantz in all it’s forms!


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