Papa’s got a brand new blag

This may be my last entry…

It’s Sunday

*Hit snooze

It’s still snooze

*Hit snooze

It’s still Sunday

Oh FFS!!!

So then I got up and, while Mrs CthuIu grabbed another 30 minutes of sleep, I had to look for something to do. I chose to become incensed by the TV. Sunday morning TV is a heady mix of religious nut jobs arguing about their various imaginary friends (who, for the most part, are the exact same dude) and cookery shows. It’s hateful. I’m a label-dodger but most people would describe me as atheist so the thought of watching a ‘discussion’ show where the topics in ‘discussion’ are ‘Is Britain still a World power’ and ‘Why are we so ignorant about Islam?’ is just too much for me. For the record, we’re ignorant about Islam because we’re arrogant enough to still think we are World power and we can set our own agenda. We’re an annoying child pulling continually at the leg of the World for attention at best!

I gave up and looked at streaming services instead.

Mrs CthuIu recently secured a ‘new’ leather sofa and armchair combo for us. We haven’t bought a sofa in a long time now. We keep an eye out for ones that are being dumped by friends and family and offer to give them a free home. We usually end up paying a bit for a van to pick it up but it’s still a really cheap way of picking up furniture.┬áPeople tend to replace things because they want to rather than need to so the vast majority of hand-me-down’s we have had are really good quality. We’ve had a string of good quality leather sofas over the last few years which have been a little age-worn but not enough to notice.

She went off to pick it up and I was left to clear out the old one and make the room tidy for the new one. It took a while and a bit of effort but by the time she arrived home I had worked my magic and had some time left to make some lunch.

The new suite is amazing. It seems to be really good quality and has hardly been used. It’s a cream behemoth which has left us with a bit more space but reduced the number of available seats in the room. I really can’t complain though – this one will last for a while I reckon.

Thanks for reading, now I’ll do some too and provide a report tomorrow!


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