One Day, One Artist

This may be my last entry…

It’s hotter than <insert sex fantasy involving two of your favourite celebrities>John Sergeant and Rachel Dolezal</insert> here at the moment with temperatures soaring to those associated with putting a jacket on when it’s snowing. Most of my fellow Brits are revelling in the new found warmth but tomorrow the backlash will begin.

I get to avoid most of that inane crap though because I don’t talk to many of them. I sit in a building with barely any windows and I am allowed, nay, almost encouraged to wear headphones!

Last week I decided to spend a day listening to a band I know pretty well but have never been a big fan of – Pet Shop Boys. There was no real reason for doing it but I did it anyway and tweeted as I went:

I also started a post on Facebook which garnered some attention.

Then Mrs CthuIu tweeted me today:

So, there we have it. I have a new game and, in the process, a new regular feature: One Day, One Artist.

If you have any suggestions for bands please feel free to leave a comment. There are some rules though:

  1. Their catalogue has to be available on (in order of preference) Google Play Music All Access, Deezer, Spotify or Youtube
  2. Their catalogue has to be large enough to keep me going throughout the day – one album isn’t going to cut it. I want to be able to hit shuffle on the artist and not expect a bunch of repeats.
  3. I will consider all suggestions but if I don’t like a band, I won’t listen to them – torture isn’t my thing. Similarly, if they are one of my favourite bands it kind of defeats the object.
  4. Remember that I will be tweeting and blogging about the band and I may not always be complimentary – if that’s going to upset you, it’s probably not in your interest to make a suggestion

Go nuts, I’m pretty open to new experiences and, who knows, I may just find my next favourite band.

Thanks for reading, now make your suggestion in the comments


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