Punching Norm

This may be my last entry…

Do one, weather! It’s been the hottest day EVER today and I’ve had to do a lot of walking and a lot of stressing.

After work I was meant to go to the cinema to see Jurassic World but I just could face it. Instead we went for Dim Sum which was delicious.

I’ve always been nervous of dim sum and tapas. I love the concept of ‘component meals’ but I feel like there is too much to know about etiquette and specifics to really feel relaxed eating them. Consequently, I have usually either tagged along and let it happen to other people or gone somewhere that does the small-and-plenty thing in the context of other, more traditional meals. I’m glad I took the plunge tonight and I’ll certainly be doing it again.

New experiences are important – break up the normal routine.

Thanks for reading, now where’s that fan?


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