Stream Wars

This may be my last entry…

I used to detest the music industry. I thought they were overbearing, money-grabbing cockgoblins out to make everyone’s life miserable. Who knew they were actually protecting the public from the egotisitical, overbearing, money-grabbing cockgoblins they represented?

Let’s be fair about this. Not all musicians/artists are overbearing, money-grabbing cockgoblins, just some of them. Let’s take, for example, Taylor Swift who pulled her latest album ‘1989’ from streaming services but allowed Apple to use it only if they paid for plays on their new streaming service. Taylor stated that she wasn’t worried about losing out if Apple streamed music without paying the artist during the three month trial but wanted other less known artists to get a chance to make money instead. Within hours, Apple decided she was right and agreed to pay artists during the 3 month trial instead. Pay-for-play reinstated, Swift then gave exclusive streaming rights back because, you know, money. Meanwhile all the other streaming services are sans her album and I continue to not listen to it because (in no particular order):

  • It’s not available via the big 3 (Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Google Music)
  • I wouldn’t want to anyway

With the advent of Tidal which is a problematic music service launch by all the regular self-important knob-head brand-artists (including Jay-Z, Kanye ‘best rockstar in the world‘ West, Madonna (is she still a thing?), Alicia Keyes and Jack ‘it’s all about the music, man’ White) there is an even greater potential for division. Prince has announced that he will has removed all his music from streaming services with a free-tier with other overbearing, self-satisfied douchecakes to follow suit.

How shitty is that?

Meanwhile, previously missing artists like AC/DC have finally come around to the fact that there is money to be made from this here internet thingy and are slowly adding their catalogue to streaming services. I’m sure that there will be further changes in ego which will mean pulling music from various services until they increase their prices and have millions of people scampering off to further the illegal download mill and reduce the income of the aforementioned douchecakes.

It’s a thorny issue and one which, while mildly annoying to me, isn’t the end of the world. The majority of bands that I like either just want to be heard or have had the decency to split up or die during, or prior to, my CD buying phase. Good work folks, thanks for that.

Thanks for reading, now where’s my money man?


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